ACD Cargo Claims Summit Frankfurt

On April 12th members of the Air Cargo Club Germany joined for a Cargo Claims Forum in Frankfurt. Moderator and Vice President Mathias Jakobi together with approximately 70 enlisted German decision makers, engaged in a panel discussion regarding current and modernization of the claim handling process.





Held at the LSG Sky Chefs location at Frankfurt Airport, the forum kicked off with a recap of the 2016 IATA World Cargo Symposium (Berlin) followed by an introduction of ACD’s newest members and acknowledgement of the female member industry leaders Diana Schöneich (COO LUG Aircargo Handling GmbH) and Ulrike Lukas-Rother (CEO Air Sea Truck Intl. GmbH).

CargoHub founder Raoul Paul who was invited for the event, gave a presentation of the CargoHub Claim and Incident management platform which aroused the members’ interest immediately. During the panel discussion, the possibilities of a cooperation were mentioned.

The panel took a critical look at the added value of implementing an independent and unique system, comparing it to their own, as well as welcoming the cargoclaims platform by those looking to update and to modernize the customer care and claim process. Frank Hecker and Heide Hoffmann both showed their interest by interlinking cargoclaims to their ERP/SAP for data sharing and thus improving their customer care and claim handling services. Forwarder representative Sascha Baunemann sees the system as a possible solution for their current claim and compliance procedures. CEO Dirk Schmitt also showed his interest and mentioned that when a renowned airline would join, the trust would be there for him as well.

Raoul Paul: “It was a great opportunity to meet the members of the ACD and share with them our cargoclaims solution. Claims may not always be on one’s mind, but as an inevitable part of the process; claims have a significant impact on customer relations as well as financial and operational purposes as well.”

Panel stakeholders f.l.t.r.: Shipper Frank Hecker, Regional Director Logistics Samsung Electronics,
Forwarder Sascha Baunemann, Airfreight Claims Nacora c/o Kühne & Nagel,
Ground Handler Dirk Schmitt, CEO Germany & Austria, Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland,
Airline Heide Hoffmann, Director Customer Feedback Management, Lufthansa Cargo,
Insurer Michael Grass, Legal assessor carrier liability for Oskar Schunck
Service Provider Raoul Paul, founder CargoHub


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