Annual Survey on Dutch Air Cargo Industry

On Wednesday 25 March, ACN presented the so-called Luchtvrachtmonitor 2018. This annual research on the Dutch air cargo industry was conducted by the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In this study by the university’s Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics, senior researchers Floris de Haan and Martijn Streng determine the economic impact of air cargo in the Netherlands. Employment and added value of the air cargo on and around Maastricht Aachen Airport has been included for the first time, which gives a total overview of the entire Dutch air cargo industry. Because of a shortage in slots for full freigthers at Schiphol Airport and because of the proposed aircargo tax, the Dutch aircargo chain has been under considerable pressure in the last few years. With the Luchtvrachtmonitor, Air Cargo Netherlands wants to add a substantive contribution to the discussion and political debate on the importance of aircargo for the Dutch economy and employment.

Read the full article in the online edition of Cargo Magazine on page 30: 

English edition [ here]

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