Aramex Takes Quality Management to Higher Level

The advance of digitisation in air freight is unstoppable. The logistics world is becoming increasingly permeated by tools, platforms, and online systems. In a number of cases, companies are developing their own systems, but there are also applications that can be independently developed and
deployed. Cargo Magazine spoke about this topic with Vincent Iseli, Customs & Compliance Manager Europe at freight forwarder Aramex.

Aramex has developed many systems of its own to meet quality standards”, Mr Iseli begins his story. “We are ISO 9000 certified, have the AEO status, and the TAPA certificate. We greatly value quality and do everything possible to continue to meet the set standards.” The company works with a CAT system (Corrective Action Tracking) developed in-house. In addition, the company also works with systems from Six Sigma. “Great tools in themselves, but we missed the depth and coherence of the systems”, voices Mr Iseli. He continues, “From road transport to AEO projects, I was very happy to work with CargoHub tools, which has also developed a system for quality monitoring. This part of the system is used for reporting AEO incidents, but not for the other ‘incidents’. With the help of CargoHub’s expertise, we have realised a fine system to manage and monitor quality assurance in the broadest sense of the word. We strive for the highest level of quality and will further fine-tune processes with CargoHub in the coming period, in order to achieve a quality management framework that seamlessly meets the needs of Aramex Netherlands.”

Read the full article in the online edition of Cargo Magazine on page 32: 

English edition [ here]

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