cargo-partner Making Big Steps in Slovenia

With the construction of the new iLogistics Center in Ljubljana quickly progressing, a further growth spurt is on the horizon for the rapidly expanding transport and info-logistics provider in Europe. In addition, cargo-partner in Slovenia was recently awarded with the ‘Invest Slovenia FDI Award’. To celebrate its achievements and as a thank-you to its loyal customers, cargo-partner threw an exclusive ‘Pre-New-Year’s Party’ at Ljubljana Castle.

The construction of cargo-partner’s iLogistics Center in Ljubljana, which officially began in June, is fully on schedule. In November, the topping out of the high rack warehouse was completed. In the administrative building, the paneling of the second floor has been finished and preparations are underway for the third floor. The service areas – boiler room, electrical service room, engine room – are nearly completed, and amenities such as fire sprinkler systems, heating and electrical installations are currently being installed. In the cross-dock and block storage area, the foundation has been finished and the first concrete columns have been placed. All building works are thus well underway for the planned opening in summer 2019.

Located directly next to Ljubljana Airport, approximately 20 minutes from the city center, the iLogistics Center will provide 25,000 m² of storage space, create over 30 new jobs in the first stage and will strongly contribute to the further development of the region. This contribution was recently honored with the Invest Slovenia FDI Award in the category ‘Logistics Center/Hub’ given out by SPIRIT Slovenia on November 27, 2018. Since 2006, SPIRIT Slovenia has been awarding the best foreign investors who have generated outstanding results in the previous year and made significant contributions to the development of the Slovenian economy. Organized in close cooperation with Slovenia’s Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, the FDI Award is part of Slovenia’s comprehensive strategy to gain foreign direct investments.

At the occasion of the award ceremony, Viktor Kastelic, Managing Director of cargo-partner in Slovenia, explained the motivations behind the investment: “We believe that this special location near Brnik Airport and the ports of Koper and Trieste will remain an important gateway from Asia and to the Mediterranean Sea.” He further emphasized the company’s integrated approach to logistics as a key differentiator on the market: “As a mid-sized company, we are able to create personalized solutions for the needs of specific customers and industries. We don’t just offer transports from A to B, but rather strive for a deep integration with customers by means of our comprehensive IT systems. This allows us to support our clients in every aspect of their supply chain.”

To celebrate the end of a successful year, cargo-partner in Slovenia hosted its by now traditional ‘Pre-New-Year’s Party’ for 250 guests from all around the world at the illustrious Ljubljana Castle in early December. The evening’s entertainment program, which included live music and a buffet, was very well-received by the international guests.

Vienna, January 3, 2019

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