CargoMagazine: A birds-eye view on shipments

Software company Mileviewer has been selected as one of the four finalists for the Supply Chain Award’s Project of the year 2019.

The nomination was based on the successful implementation of the Mileviewer software program at freight forwarder Damco. the company’s successful software programme ensured 52% less overtime and 24.8% more profit margin at Damco.

When a developer, business analyst and a former freight forwarding manager get together in one room, magic happens. Mileviewer was built on the common ground between hands-on industry knowledge and a technological innovation mindset. in order to establish the business, Mileviewer’s three founders; Ceo frederik Schottey, Cto Ben Jorissen and Sales Manager Benny Schut sat down with various freight forwarders to see where there was room for improvement. they quickly distilled three problem areas: visibility, priority and communication. together they designed a system to come up with a solution.

Mr Schottey explains: “Processes are being digitised without thinking about the human factor. But in the freight industry, when something goes wrong, you need a person to solve the problem. Mileviewer was built to enable those people to help their customers in the best possible way.”

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