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The Netherlands is a trading nation. In terms of distribution, it is the Gateway to Europe. Huge quantities of goods pass through the Netherlands every day. Dutch customs is responsible for supervising all cross-border movements of goods. Last year, Dutch customs processed nearly 170 billion import declarations. They are one of the most modern customs organisations in the world, with over 400 years of experience.

The main tasks of customs are supervising Eu external cross-border trade, levying and collecting import duties, VaT excises and consumption taxes, and enforcement in these fields. With the levy of  ore than EUR 15 billion in excise duties and import duties annually, customs contribute to both the taxation of the Dutch treasury and the income of the European union. Equally important, customs is tasked with the safety of both The Netherlands and the Eu as a whole. It does so by supervising the import, export and transit of goods. It determines whether the goods comply with health, safety and environmental standards. With regard to health and the environment, it checks, amongst other things, the quality of medicines and tobacco products and inspects the transportation of live animals. With regard to economic requirements, it checks licences for firearms and ammunition and for counterfeit products.


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