CargoMagazine: Turkish Cargo continues steady growth momentum

Turkish Cargo, one of the fastest growing and developing brands in the world, operates at Istanbul and ataturk airports as a dual hub service and, based on the World air Cargo Data October’19 reports, has achieved a growth rate of 5.6% across the industry, whereas the global air cargo market experienced a 5.0% shrinkage. Moreover, based on the October 19 FAB (flown as booked) data, the carrier has attained the level of 88.9% with respect to the capacity to ship the cargo without any offload, and kept seventh rank across the global air cargo market.

Increasing capacity day-by-day with its successful operations, turkish Cargo grows in different regions and offers air cargo services to 116 destinations, 28 of which are direct ones. In Western and southern European regions, the company offers air cargo services to fourteen direct cargo destinations (Brussels, liège, Basel, Zürich, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Shannon/ireland, London, Malpensa/Italy, Amsterdam, Maastricht, and Porto). According to CASS october ’19 reports, Turkish Cargo achieved a 17.4% increase in terms of CW during the first ten months, while the market was falling by 11.3%. The company has meanwhile intensively carried out pharma/temperature control operations. We increased the regional market share to 4.6% in July 2019 with our CeiV-certified operations and strong infrastructure. We also carry automobiles/automobile parts, PeS seafood/fish, and other perishable products.

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