Fast, faster… Wings!

In most cases airfreight is then just not fast enough. It is therefore good to know that Wings BV, a neutral provider of onboard courier services, can offer an ‘emergency solution’ to a forwarder.

The company, located in Hoofddorp, ensures that time critical goods are personally delivered to the place of destination within the agreed delivery time frame by an onboard courier (OBC). Wings, under the committed leadership of Sander van Woesik, focuses primarily on freight forwarders with networks in industries such as aerospace, automotive and the oil & gas sector. Industries that regularly need time critical products. Agents are enthusiastic about Wings’ neutrality but most especially the fact that Wings always puts the interests of the forwarder first.

“Our strength does not really lie in our worldwide network – we have over 1,900 OBCs in 125 countries – but primarily in our expertise with customs declarations”, Sander says. “Everyone can do a ‘hand carry’ from A to B. We are well aware of that. What sets Wings apart is our specific knowledge of customs rules in the most diverse countries and the way in which declarations must be done. Furthermore our couriers are properly insured throughout the whole assignment. Regularly we hear that someone has been sent, a member of staff or acquaintance, but are they covered by insurance? If a forwarder so requests, we can also arrange transport insurance at shipment level.”

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