Recognition of Dutch Air Cargo Industry

The Dutch government presented on 15 May the draft Luchtvaartnota 2020-2050, titled Verantwoord vliegen naar 2050 (Flying Responsibly towards 2050). It was good to learn that the importance of air cargo for the Netherlands was clearly recognised in this civil aviation policy memorandum. Now it is important to turn the outcome of the memorandum into actions.

ACN, evofenedex, and TLN/Fenex are satisfied with the fact that the societal and economical importance of air cargo are clearly specified in the memorandum. It states Recognition of Dutch air cargo industry Civil Aviation Policy Memorandum 2020-2050 that it is important to maintain a strong air cargo industry at Schiphol. It furthermore describes the challenges that some cargo carriers must deal with for maintaining their slots.

Read the full article in the online edition of Cargo Magazine on page 40: 

English edition [ here]

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