Road transport of air cargo predictable and quicker with Trucking CDM platform

The international transport of air cargo often partly takes place by road. Speed is essential for air transport and therefore optimal coordination of information between airlines, trucking companies and cargo handling agents is necessary to allow the road transport of air cargo to be undertaken as efficiently as possible.

What is the Trucking CDM platform
CDM stands for “Collaborative Decision Making” and combines flight information from the airlines, trucking companies and handling agents to optimally coordinate the road transport of air cargo between these parties. By making truck movements (more) predictable, cargo handling agents and trucking companies are both better able to coordinate truck movements with available loading-and unloading capacity thus enabling waiting times to be minimised.

Predictability of Truck movements for Handling agents
In order to be able to reduce drivers’ waiting times to a minimum, cargo handling agents need reliable information from the trucking companies regarding truck movement(s) and their anticipated arrival times. In the CDM platform all truck movements are visible to the handling agents and expected arrival times are continually updated. It is important for the trucking companies to know on a timely basis if deviations from planned loading/unloading times are to be expected. Handling agents can use the expected arrival time information provided by the trucking companies to confirm slot reservations and, via the platform, handling agents are advised if delays have arisen. Should this be the case trucking companies can decide if drivers should first pick up other loads in order to utilise their permitted driving time as efficiently as possible and also avoid waiting.

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