Sound and up-to-date customs knowledge increasingly important

In recent times, society has been showing more interest than ever in Customs law. Brexit has meant that even the ‘average’ Dutch citizen knows something about a Customs Union. But customs knowledge is, of course, much more than just some knowledge. Customs declarants, logistic service providers, logistic managers: ever more people need sound customs knowledge. Various circumstances have led to proactive action and knowledge becoming extra important, according to Bart Boersma. Bart Boersma established his company Customs Knowledge 14 years ago. The office has developed into a fully-fledged legal, advisory and training company in the field of customs.

There is strong interest in the latest developments in the customs area: Brexit in all its facets, Trump’s pronouncements, e-commerce challenges and new trade agreements, for example that with Japan. This is, of course, in addition to the normal problems carrying on: important jurisprudence, category regulations requiring different classifications and Customs’ challenge to finalise  reassessments on time. With all these developments it would seem almost impossible for companies to maintain and improve their customs knowledge. “On the one hand you see companies  redoubling their efforts as it is busy and the labour market is such that it is not possible to upscale quickly. On the other hand we, as Customs Knowledge, are undertaking more training courses and sessions than ever. Logistic service providers, forwarders but also shippers all understand that they must invest. Otherwise they will miss the boat”, Boersma says. “It is clear, for instance, that forwarders who actively think ahead on behalf of their customers by keeping them informed of future changes to Customs legislation, are providing far greater added value. Companies themselves are not yet able to do this.”

Read the full article in Cargo Magazine on page 38

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