Amerijet distributes Covid-19 vaccines across the Caribbean and Central America

The Caribbean region, including the neighboring Central and South American countries, has been Amerijet’s preferred market for years. This is evidenced by the many cargo flights the
company operates and the dozens of destinations it serves there.

The close proximity to the market and the large number of scheduled flights, including charter options, are excellent conditions for transporting and supplying Covid-19 vaccines to dose
centers located in this climatically challenging area, as Amerijet did, last week.

Honorable assignment
CEO Tim Strauss speaks of 350,000 doses of life-saving vaccines that his carrier recently flew to destinations located in the aforementioned region, “which is something our entire company is
proud of.”
The executive went on to say: “All of us at Amerijet are honored to be part of the global initiative to get the virus under control.”
The shipments he speaks of were part of India’s Government-gifted Covishield AstraZeneca vaccines produced by the Serum Institute of India and donated to nations in need. According to its own
proclamation, it is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, producing more than 50 million doses a month. Besides vaccinating the country’s own population, India is supplying the serums to
other nations free of charge, which is described as “vaccine diplomacy.” This also accounts for the recent shipments flown on board an Amerijet B767F to Jamaica, Guyana, and Nicaragua.

Ideal combination of network, air services, and ground infrastructure
In addition to the carrier’s widespread regional network, its Miami-based, state-of-the-art, 33,500 m² (360,000 square foot) cargo terminal was a key factor in getting the transport order. The
facility includes a 3,700 m² (40,000 square foot) temperature-controlled handling and storage area, designed to always maintain the cold-chain integrity for temperature-critical products such as

350,000 doses bound to Central America and the Caribbean were loaded on board an Amerijet B767-300P2F in Miami  -  company courtesy
350,000 doses bound to Central America and the Caribbean were loaded on board an Amerijet B767-300P2F in Miami – company courtesy


“The company’s investments in climate-controlled infrastructure, training, and partnerships with like-minded suppliers, underscores Amerijet’s vision to move the goods that enrich and connect
the lives of our friends, customers, and communities,”
the airline pronounces in a press release.

People make the difference
But a suitable ground infrastructure does not suffice to constantly deliver high product quality, airline boss, Tim Strauss reminds, lauding the dedication and expertise of his staff: “Our
pharma handling team’s quality standards, uniform processes, and transparency, provide our forwarders and healthcare partners with reliable logistics services every day, and are uniquely valuable
as we push back against the pandemic.”

BRU freighter is constantly sold out
Over to Europe, where Amerijet operates three weekly B767F flights on the MIA-BRU-MIA sector. “Literally, the tonnage goes through the roof, so we could up sales significantly provided the
capacity would be increased,”
states GSA Claus Lederer of Frankfurt-based GSA Aircargonet. Between 30% to 40% of the exports bound for Miami, where the transits are fed into Amerijet’s dense
network, is contributed by the German market.

Heiner Siegmund

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