Airlines: Sustainably reduce aviation location costs in Germany

On occasion of the international tourism fair (ITB) in Berlin airlines have once again demanded a fast realisation of a long term aviation concept for Germany

Frankfurt, March 9th 2016. „While the worldwide air traffic industry is continuing to grow, Germany is trailing behind this development. The location Germany lacks a clear concept for the future. The airlines operating from and to Germany must be disburdened.




The location costs in Germany must be reduced sustainably, also in order to preserve jobs in the long run – the aviation industry remains to be one of the crucial economic factors for Germany’s future”, explains the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) during the international tourism fair, which opens its doors in Berlin today, March 9th 2016, and takes place the following five days.


BARIG General Secretary Michael Hoppe appeals to the federal government to implement the contents of the coalition agreement and make the air traffic location Germany more attractive. This also includes the gradual abolition of the aviation tax, a significant cost reduction of aviation security fees and organisation of security in terms of operating hours at German airports. Further bans on night flights for example must definitely be prevented.

The federal government must finally approach the development of the long discussed air traffic concept for Germany as fast as possible. Otherwise Germany is at risk of losing ground in international competition and thereby threatening the German economy and many jobs. Secretary General Michael Hoppe states, “The worldwide air traffic location competition is currently presenting itself at the ITB in Berlin. The global panel proves to be excellently prepared to gain further market shares and to leave Germany behind in the process of transporting passengers and goods to destinations all over the world. Action is needed now.”

BARIG (Board of Airline Representatives in Germany) represents the interests of around 100 national and international airlines in scheduled, charter and air cargo business. Since the foundation in 1951 the airline association works for the improvement of frame conditions in the aviation industry in Germany and is the key industry contact for politics, authorities, industry and media. Worldwide the BARIG member airlines transport around 1.7 billion passengers and more than 25 million tons of air cargo to over 1,500 destinations. Every year 175 million passengers are travelling to and from Germany with BARIG airlines. The BARIG Airlines have over 105,000 employees in Germany. The overall aviation industry secures 823,000 workplaces and therefore is a major factor of the German economy.


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