EMAR project’s final event at INTERMODAL EUROPE 2014

eMAR project’s final event at INTERMODAL EUROPE 2014

A conference session presenting the eMAR project innovations was held at the Intermodal Europe 2014 Expo, on November 11th. The Conference, part of the Intermodal Europe Expo, taking place from 11-13 November at the Rot­terdam Ahoy Expo.

The European Union relies heavily its economy on maritime transport. In this context, there is a huge drive to increase the competitiveness and the value of this sector and transform it to a World Class Leader. Towards this objective, the eMAR project aims to empower the European maritime sector through upgraded information management infrastructure.



Ioannis Koliousis, eMAR Communications Manager, who chaired the session, explains: “During this session, we discussed whether Supply Chain Excellence can be achieved through advanced ICT (Information and Communications Technology) systems and looking into facilitating information exchange among maritime business entities as well as between maritime business entities and governmental actors” and adds “We explored new business opportunities for maritime companies, identified alternatives that reduce administrative red tape in Euro­pean shipping and discussed possible ways that shipping op­erations can be improved with advanced collaboration tools.”

Pannelists who participated in the conference sessions included Mrs Jenny Rainbird, eMAR Project Co-ordinator, Mr Dimitrios Theodosiou, GM of Danaos Management Consultants, Mr Angelo Aucilinio of Interporto Bologna, who presented the case study of Interporto Bologna and Dr. Erik Vanem from DNV-GL.

“Up to now, European shipping dealt with technologies that focused on simplifying the processes between a ship and the port authorities on a one to one basis” explained Mrs Rainbird. “Our approach in the eMAR Project is integrated and collective; creating tools that simplify processes, not only for authorities but also for the end user, i.e. companies, terminals, industries, to name but a few. In this way we can create a truly seamless supply chain.”

Professionals from a range of industry sectors attended the conference session, including shipping executives, ship and line operators, road hauliers, port stakeholders, freight for­warders and logistics service providers.

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