Belgian Prime minister visits CAL group Israeli HQ

On February 6th 2017, the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel paid a visit to the CAL group HQ. CAL group is one of the leading Israeli companies establishing and maintaining strong commercial relationships in Europe and the United States. The strong relationship with Belgium was founded twenty years ago when Cal group purchased LACHS, its advanced logistics hub in Liege (Belgium) and was the first airline to operate out of Liege airport. The respected Prime Minister was eager to get an impression of  CAL’s unique abilities.



CAL Group was established in 1976 and proudly maintains three major areas of expertise: (1) CAL Cargo Airlines- an all-cargo airline; (2) LACHS – Ground handling services in Liege cargo airport; (3) Trucking services throughout Europe and the USA. ACE – a separate company, under the CAL Group umbrella, is in the midst of establishing a Belgian AOC in the cargo field. The CAL Group specializes in unique and complex cargo operations and provides door to door service throughout Europe and the US. Its main hub, located in Liege, provides immediate accessibility to all of Europe. Services include scheduled routes as well as ad-hoc and charter missions.  CAL is a private company owned by Mr. Offer Gilboa as the controlling shareholder and Viola Credit Fund as a minority shareholder. It maintains offices worldwide as well as a strong network of GSA’s.





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