Rhino flown to South East Asia as part of endangered species breeding programme

Intradco Global has helped to transport a greater one-horned rhino from Europe to South East Asia as part of an endangered species-breeding programme.

Born in 2008 and now reaching sexual maturity, the 2.5 ton male rhino Bertus was safely relocated from Edinburgh Zoo to a new home at Batu Secret Zoo in Indonesia where it is hoped he will help boost the population.

In the past, the greater one-horned rhino could be found across the entire northern part of the Indian subcontinent. However, populations have declined drastically due to habitat destruction, sport hunting and poaching.

The species was on the brink of extinction at the beginning of the 20th century. Efforts by conservationists and strict protection by wildlife authorities has helped these populations to begin the long road of recovery.

Working in close cooperation with Mileinair and Chapman Freeborn Poland, Intradco Global arranged the air transport from Luxembourg (LUX) to Surabaya (SUB) by offering a part-charter solution on a Boeing 777 Freighter.

Bertus – who even has his own celebrity Twitter account @swipe_rhino – was given first class treatment throughout the road trip and flight. To ensure his comfort and well-being he was joined on board the aircraft by two veterinary professionals and two Intradco specialists who oversaw the safe loading and unloading requirements.

Speaking on behalf of Intradco Global, Tom Lamb said: “We’re pleased to have managed this successful air transport project, working in close cooperation with Mileinair and our Chapman Freeborn colleagues. Hopefully Bertus will be a significant boost to the endangered species breeding program – increasing the ex-situ numbers and helping to create more awareness of the challenges these impressive animals face in the wild.”

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