Riege Software Netherlands Joins CargoHub Trucking CDM

In January 2020, CargoHub launched the first version of the cloud based CDM platform (Collaborative Decisions Making) initiative at Schiphol Airport. The results have been received positively by the air cargo community. Henk Boorsma, partner and Managing Director of Riege in the Netherlands happily accepted the invitation to join the consortium which enables Riege to contribute strategically with sound know-how in forwarding procedures.

Riege also provides a practical contribution by allowing its customers to share important data from their Scope freight forwarding software. By contributing these assets, Riege will be able to support the CDM platform to push digital transformation forward.

“We’re excited to join the project on behalf of our freight forwarding customers and f our specialist knowledge. We are looking forward to being part of a problem-solving team implementing new procedures on and around the airport,” said Henk Boorsma.
CDM supports various stakeholders of the air cargo supply chain. The neutral logistics digital information platform is designed to reduce waiting hours, optimize truckloads, improve airport accessibility plus transport planning and coordination. community and therefore, the project will continue for a period of three more years.

Predictability instead of uncertainty
The CDM programme’s goal is to avoid congestion at handling agents and the subsequent knock-on effect of delays in both the export and import freight processes. A planning mechanism like Trucking CDM based on transparent and predictable truck movements between road feeders and handing agents, is designed to minimize lost time and to optimize handling processes in a digital environment.

Raoul Paul, founder of the CDM platform welcomes Riege’s participation: “Riege Software has proven experience  in the forwarder logistics sector and a significant number of forwarders at Schiphol use their services. By sharing their knowledge and expertise within the Trucking CDM project, we will gain essential insights to deliver the right connectivity and the most efficient process optimization for our stakeholders. We look forward to working together with Riege team.”

The importance of reliable data
Predictability and transparency of trucking movements are necessary for all the involved parties at the various airports in order to run the road transport of air cargo to its loading and unloading destinations as efficiently as possible. Predictability and transparency, however, depend on sound, reliable data. Freight forwarders play an important role in the supply chain and have essential data, such as the Customs statuses of the shipments to be delivered or picked up from the handling agents. By providing this data from a substantial group of customers, Riege is able to contribute usefully to the platform and offer valuable support.

Another step  towards ONE Record
With Trucking CDM centered around the handling agents, Scope users can provide  almost all of the data and event messages created in or exchanged via Scope with one single data entry which reinforces Riege’s commitment to shift Scope towards “One System. ONE Record.”

By making data from Scope available to all parties involved, participants along the supply chain can work as one, achieving maximum efficiency from door-to-door, and thus contributing not just to the platform but also to its further development.

About Trucking CDM
Trucking CDM Platform, established in 2020 by the Dutch based IT service provider CargoHub BV, is a clou-based landside operation collaborative decision making platform to optimize the transportation and handling process in a digital environment for forwarders, road feeders, ground handlers and airlines. The ultimate challenge is to connect the air cargo community stakeholders through system integration by data sharing to enable them to “Work Together as ONE”.

About Riege Software
Riege Software is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the logistics industry. Established in 1985, the privately-owned and managed company provides products and services to more than 550 customers worldwide with over 6,000 users in 43 countries. Headquartered in Germany, Riege maintains 6 branches in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The company’s brand is Scope, the Digital Standard for freight forwarding, Customs and handling. Built with the goal “One System. One Record.”, Scope is based on a “One File” concept in which data is entered only once and can subsequently be read and processed by authorized participants. In this way, Scope enables global collaboration with just one system. The future of logistics is digital. Scope is the future of digital logistics.

Raoul Paul founder of CargoHub and Henk Boorsma managing director Riege the Netherlands

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