Five Start-Ups showcase air cargo solutions in Cargo Facts EMEA 2020’s DEMOvation challenge

At Cargo Fact’s second edition of its DEMOvation Challenge, five promising Start-Ups were given the platform and 7 minutes of airtime to present their unique solutions for problems the
air freight logistics industry often faces. At stake: $10,000 and a bottle of bubbly.

The judging panel (consisting of Frederic Horst, Managing Director, Cargo Facts Consulting, Charles Kauffman, Senior Editor, Cargo Facts, Sara Van Gelder, Cargo Development Manager, Brussels
Airport Company and Jeff Lee, Associate Editor, Cargo Facts) and the Cargo Facts EMEA 2020 audience, who were asked to participate in a poll which then short-listed the favorite two Start-Ups,
had their work cut out for them, as all five solutions presented were quite different and certainly all very useful in today’s air freight world.

Introducing the 5 DEMOvation competitors. Slide at #CFEMEA20. Images: CFG-Gledhill
Introducing the 5 DEMOvation competitors. Slide at #CFEMEA20. Images: CFG-Gledhill


AllRead: “We read what you need!”
First up, was Spain-based Adriaan Landman, Chief Operating Officer at Allread, who presented his Deep-Learning software which detects and reads registrations, IDs, barcodes, sensors, and similar
data on ULDs, regardless of the state these containers are in, or of the position of the data. Neither dust, blurring, movement nor stains pose a problem to the high-speed readers, which read,
spot and transform the results into clean Big Data. The software can easily be used in conjunction with existing video cameras or smartphones, and offers a much more efficient, quick process,
when it comes to registering ULD movements. Overall, it is less error-prone and leads to a better customer experience. It is also a low-cost alternative to, for example, RFID tracking solutions.
The AllRead solution was tried and tested at IAG’s Hangar51 – an accelerator program giving Start-Ups ten weeks in which to run their applications.

Cargometer: Freight-measuring 4.0.
Austrian-based Bernhard Obermaier, CEO of Cargometer, demonstrated his company’s freight-measuring solution, allowing for optimization of capacities given the actual on-hand accurate weight and
volume data. Using a system of mounted sensors, freight is scanned and measured as it is driven through a loading gate on a forklift truck. The Cargometer software is able to remove all
unnecessary images (such as the forklift) from the picture, and determines the weight and volume data, as well as a 3D image of the freight. As a future step, Bernhard Obermaier envisaged not
only providing the dimensions and weight, but also information on what the goods really are.


Emu Analytics: Analysis and Visualization software FLO.W
Martine Skaret, Business Development Executive, and Richard Vilton, CEO of Emu Analytics Ltd. presented a highly interactive look at the UK-based Start-Up’s FLO.W platform as it tracked
everything from trucks to containers to dolly movements across the airport cargo area, highlighting problem areas such as dwell-times, pinch points and airfield congestion. The solution had also
been successfully tested in the 2018 Hangar51 accelerator program, and Emu Analytics worked together with IAG Cargo at London Heathrow. The platform makes use of existing data already available
in different forms today (hot spots, health and safety, aircraft near misses on the ground) and analyses this data in order to improve processes.


Stargo: Dynamic Pricing Disruption
Claude Bitterman, Business Development Director was up next to present Stargo. This Israel-based finance software uses Artificial Intelligence to help with pricing, and includes a suite of
solutions, including a fully automated payment process. Working with historical and real-time data, it also helps to optimize route planning. Stargo promises continuous, competitive pricing,
higher customer retention and satisfaction, as well as maximized profitability.

Adriaan Landman of ALLRead (left) and Cargometer‘s Bernhard Obermaier are pleased about the voting result
Adriaan Landman of ALLRead (left) and Cargometer‘s Bernhard Obermaier are pleased about the voting result

Synfioo: “React in advance!”
Last up, Alexander Delawari, Sales Manager at Synfioo GmbH, presented the Germany-based solution providing a real-time visibility platform for intermodal supply-chains, or “360° transport
, as he called it. He quoted that only 6% of companies have complete visibility of their entire supply chain, according to a 2017 Geodis survey carried out in 17 countries, and
demonstrated how Synfioo uses live data, historical data, Big Data, machine learning and AI to predict highly accurate estimated times of arrival, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction
amongst all the financial benefits of a more transparent supply chain.

And the Winner is…?
The audience was asked to vote for the best Start-Up using the polling function on the Royal Media conference app. This narrowed the finalists down to two: AllRead and Cargometer, who then had to
face the judging panel for a live battle. Each participant was asked more detailed questions before the jury briefly convened to come to their decision. Ultimately, Cargometer was awarded the
prize, though the jury also suggested that the two finalists collaborate, since it appeared logical that the AllRead software could greatly complement the Cargometer process. The first step –
sharing the bottle of bubbly between the two winning finalists – was taken pretty quickly.

Brigitte Gledhill

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