Part-time Executive Master “Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance”

12 October 2018,
“Combining safety, security and sustainability with compliance and efficiency in international trade”
Do you want to learn how to put knowledge from customs regulations, supply chain management, and logistics with information compliance into practice? It all comes together in RSM’s Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance programme. Customs leaders learn to combine these topics to better understand and collaborate with businesses and inspection services



The world of customs agencies is changing. Innovative developments force customs authorities to collaborate with other inspections and business. There is a general trend towards regulatory compliance rather than command and control, facilitated by information systems. You will explore and discuss cases with different stakeholders and guest speakers who will provide you with fresh perspectives and new knowledge.


You will benefit from this programme’s unique content and upon completion you will receive the Master in Science degree of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

During the programme, you will focus on:

  • Customs regulations: legal and regulatory aspects of the customs domain, including the international background of customs procedures, such as the harmonised system, rules of origin, customs valuation, regulations concerning safety and security.
  • Supply chain management: the hierarchy between supply chain management, logistics and transport, including how businesses deal with regulatory compliance and risk in an international and networked environment.
  • Information and compliance: the adequacy of information systems to support business processes, including the appropriateness and effectiveness of internal control systems to ensure compliance.


In a small team you will apply your new knowledge and skills into your own work and specialise in one of these areas:

  • being in control and creating a secure trade logistics environment
  • corporate social responsibility in the supply chain
  • EU legacy systems and the Union Customs Code.


You will do an assignment that meets academic objectives on a real customs challenge to solve an issue that hinders your organisation from combining safety, security and sustainability with compliance and efficiency.


You will benefit from the programme if you work within:

  • national customs authorities, including customs officers, EDP auditors, client co-ordinators, legal advisors, policy makers
  • government agencies, such as the tax office, food and health safety inspectorate, and the police
  • service business, including consultancy, legal, tax advisory, and accounting
  • logistics business, including traders, shippers, exporters, shipbrokers, and terminal operators
  • international cross-border supply chains.


The programme is designed to allow international participants to participate. The format requires you to travel for up to 11 modules of 3 to 5 days each. RSM will support learning and collaboration through our Learning Platform. You will expand your network and build professional relationships with people from customs, business and consultancy in RSM’s inspiring learning and working environment.

To apply, you should meet the following criteria:

  • bachelor or master degree from a from a university or higher
  • professional education institution (equivalent to Dutch HBO)
  • a minimum of three years’ relevant work experience\
  • affinity with supply chain management and IT or auditing
  • experience with customs issues
  • non-native English speaking candidates may be required to provide results of a TOEFL or IELTS test.


Dates: Please see our website for the programme dates

Length: 37 months, part-time

Fees: Please see our website for current fees

Location: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Language: English


Programme Advisor
Eugène Kerpen
T +31 10 408 2440 / 2222

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