Another digital visibility platform in the making

CSafe Global, which produces temperature-controlled packaging solutions, has selected NextGen supply chain solutions provider, Cloudleaf Inc, to design a customized digital visibility
platform to enhance its existing track and trace technology and digital tracking for Parcel and Cell & Gene packaging solutions.

CSafe keeps an eye on every movement. Image: CSafe
CSafe keeps an eye on every movement. Image: CSafe


Temperature assured – Life enhanced: Four words that express the core credo of CSafe and recall the tragic reason for the inception of the company in 1979 by a father and son
belonging to a missionary team. While serving the most vulnerable in underdeveloped countries, they witnessed death and suffering caused by the spoilage of life-saving biologics, vaccines, and
medicines. Their investigations showed that the spoilage was caused by poor temperature management during transit. Upon returning to Dayton, Ohio, they were determined to find a solution to the
deficiencies in the pharmaceutical cold chain.

100% delivery guarantee, CSafe
No sooner said than done. Today, CSafe manages an air cargo container fleet encompassing thousands of boxes all across the globe and combined with a lease forecasting system based on artificial
intelligence. This ensures customers a 100% delivery guarantee on their leased containers, the U.S.-based lessor claims. The provider also supplies reusable parcel and cell & gene packaging,
together with 24/7 customer and technical services, to maintain steady temperatures within packages during transportation.

Next improvement
The latest step, now, is the design of a customized digital visibility platform to enhance the existing track and trace technology. A task which has been entrusted to Santa Clara,
California-based Cloudleaf Inc. The cooperation is another milestone in CSafe’s efforts to implement track and trace technology into its fleet of RKN and RAP air cargo containers. It has already
upgraded 20 of these with active sensors, successfully integrated them in the Cloudleaf platform, and has carried out a number of pilot tests to check performance and viability. CSafe is now
partnering with selected pharmaceutical customers to conduct live user acceptance testing of the new platform, which it plans to officially launch in Q4/2020.

Powerful and compelling synergies, Tom Weir
Tom Weir, Chief Operating Officer for CSafe Global explained: “Our team worked for many months evaluating the right partner for our new track and trace product offering. The synergies between
CSafe and Cloudleaf are powerful and compelling. Together we will provide real-time visibility for life-saving products shipped everyday around the world in CSafe Air Cargo, Parcel and Cell and
Gene products. This innovative solution will unleash tremendous value for our customers and most importantly ensure that patients receive the medications they need 100% of the

End-to-end visibility
Cloudleaf’s CEO, Mahesh Veerina, added: “We are excited to partner and innovate with CSafe to offer their customers a powerful cold chain solution that combines CSafe’s state-of-the-art
thermal shipping solutions with our Digital Visibility Platform. Now, armed with real-time visibility into the world’s most critical medical shipments, CSafe customers and support staff have 24/7
access to monitor every shipment and intervene if necessary. With this real-time visibility, CSafe’s customers can dramatically improve their cold chain success rates while expanding their reach
into new and remote geographies.”

Flying its flag across Europe
Simultaneously, CSafe Global has expanded its global presence by establishing a Life Science sales team in Amsterdam. “Europe has always been at the forefront of the pharmaceutical market and
building an exceptional team of people who understand both the industry and the culture in each country is key to providing the service level CSafe is known for,”
Stephen Kay, CSafe Global’s
Senior Director of Life Sciences – Europe, underlined.

Heiner Siegmund & Brigitte Gledhill

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