“Leveraging innovation” by Hussein Hachem CEO Aramex

Dubai is a remarkable place for many reasons. The city has effectively leveraged its geographic location, at a strategic crossroads between east and west, to become a leading, international hub for trade and commerce in a matter of decades. At the center of global growth and development, it is truly a main port of passage for connecting nations and people from all corners of the globe. With more people passing through its airport than any other in the world, overtaking London Heathrow last year, and its establishment of a dynamic, international financial center, there is no question that Dubai’s list of achievements is impressive.


The UAE’s place on the world map however is only one reason for this recent, rapid development – there is another critical element for the country’s future growth. This factor is the ability to effectively leverage innovation. I believe this is the key catalyst to facilitating growth and further diversifying the UAE’s economy. Groundbreaking, innovative technology solutions are being introduced every day around the world, propelling some countries forward and leaving others behind. To accelerate the UAE’s growth and ensure its sustainable future, we must effectively leverage innovation. In my opinion, there are three areas of focus to closely watch for changing or evolving trends, which then determine how best a business can leverage innovation.

1) The industry they operate in, 2) Changes in consumer behavior and expectations and 3) Wider global demographics. In the logistics industry for example, we routinely monitor these areas to find ways to effectively leverage innovation, both to develop the industry and better serve customers.

Based on our findings and assessment, we identify the relevant technology and how best to deploy it. This is critical to implementing innovative technologies that are effective and sustainable. From my experience, this approach to leveraging innovative technology has consistently had a direct, positive correlation to business performance and growth. First, innovation in technology in the logistics sector is extremely important.

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