Exclusive – Frankfurt maps the cargo process from A to Z

On its quest to continuously improve resource efficiencies and handling quality at its airports, Fraport’s Airport Community App has been expanded to include cargo. Frankfurt is the first
of the Fraport airports to benefit from the new feature and, over the next couple of months, the entire cargo process will be mapped in the app.


Fraport’s Airport Community App, which has thus far been a success in supporting passenger operations across many of the company’s airports around the world, received a crucial upgrade on
25AUG21, and one that is being premiered at Frankfurt/Main Airport: namely the inclusion of an aircraft module that enables it to also cover cargo operations. It is being fed with cargo data
across all processes. Users will have access to detailed operational data such as flight schedule data, terminal data, waiting times, or NOTAMs, at the swipe of a screen on their smartphone,
24/7/365 (or via the web-browser if working on a PC). Should a gate change happen, a flight be cancelled, or the airport receive a severe weather warning, the user can customize the app to have
it proactively send an alert notification. Cargo news and market statistics are also available in the app, and, by the end of this year, it will include a cargo dashboard providing schedule-based
cargo volumes, daily cargo forecasts, on-time handling information, as well as current waiting times. All this information stems from Fraport AG’s FRA-OS Import digital platform.

“The App optimizes the cargo process chain,” Max Conrady  -  photo: Fraport
“The App optimizes the cargo process chain,” Max Conrady – photo: Fraport

Sharing is caring in the Fraport cargo community

Max Conrady, Vice President Cargo Development at Fraport believes in the power of community cooperation: “Current industry topics such as collaboration, resilience and trust bring tangible
benefits through this app. The app works because everyone involved, such as Fraport, the airlines, freight forwarders, and cargo traders, is on board. The resulting data lake becomes usable
information through this dashboard and app. So, the entire cargo process is mapped, and the tool helps optimize the process chain, provides transparency and efficiency.”

The more the merrier – and the more efficient
Tanja Beckenhaub, Manager Marketing and Communication Cargo Development at Fraport, outlines the technical specifics: “The app is operated and developed by AirportLabs. Common smartphone
operating systems such as IOS and Android are supported. The content is also available on the web. The app is in English. Currently, 3100 employees from 79 organizations such as major airlines
use this tool. Especially during the pandemic, the app has proven its worth. Now we want to add cargo players. The more users we can attract, the more benefits we all derive.”

The app was originally introduced at Frankfurt Airport in SEP20 and is simple to use.

Security is key – only those who needs to know, get to know
Jenny Göbel, Manager Marketing and Communication Aviation Development at Fraport, explains that sign-ins for the app are on the basis of individual business email addresses, and access is
restricted to airlines and other airport stakeholders. Access is checked every 90 days: “The Airport Community app is an exclusive tool with sensitive real-time data for stakeholders at the
site. Particularly noteworthy is the enormous data depth, which allows not only all cargo flights on the respective and the following day to be displayed, but also all details and information
related to the flight, such as updates or time stamps. Push messages for status changes are possible for example for certain waiting times or Covid19 changes.”

This is just the start on the cargo side. More content in planned, Fraport say.

Brigitte Gledhill

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