LH Cargo speeds up eBooking

As of yesterday (10NOV20) the carrier offers the market a simplified scheme for booking cargo shipments online via its platform eBooking. Although this tool has only been in existence for
24 hours, it has already been well received by customers, a company spokesperson said.

How many forwarding agents have utilized the new portal to book shipments, she did not reveal but spoke of “encouraging figures.” She also said that eBooking complements platforms such as
cargo.one and do not replace them. “Cargo.one is based on a different concept and we will continue supporting and using it,” she pronounced.

eBooking might up the number of shipments  - image B777F: LH Cargo
eBooking might up the number of shipments – image B777F: LH Cargo


Faster and easier booking
Forwarding agents using the eBooking portal are required to define the shipment, choose the product and confirm the route online. “It’s three easy steps and the booking is done,” she
states. How it practically works, is explained in a release issued by Lufthansa Cargo: The system guides customers through the booking process with automatic suggestions and suitable options.
Next, the system calculates a price that can be booked directly. Changes can also be made afterwards with just a few clicks. “This makes the booking even faster and easier for all customers
and also allows them to confirm the booking immediately,
” reads the release.
The cargo carrier is thus once again driving the digital transformation in the air cargo industry.

To follow: Compensation for CO2 emissions
The new booking portal also demonstrates Lufthansa Cargo’s responsibility towards the climate and environment: with the integrated carbon calculator, all customers have the opportunity to check
the CO2 emissions caused by their transportation and having them offset in the future. This “future” will start next year after the electronic platform has been updated and enlarged. From then
on, customers can compensate for greenhouse gas emissions caused by their shipments sent by air. This will be voluntarily but LHC hopes for high acceptance.
In a nutshell, the carrier speaks of a “decisive step forward in digitally mapping the entire supply chain and separating the data flow from physical freight traffic,” enabled by its new
eBooking tool.

Heiner Siegmund


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