SASI grows its network

The air logistics training and consultancy company, Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI), recently opened an office in Florida (FLA), USA. This way, it is extending its
global footprint further.

In a release, SASI helmsman, Stan Wraight says that the Florida team members will put their emphasis on issues concerning the development of airport facilities, along with IT and cargo
infrastructure, supporting customers from day one through professional advice and expertise.
SASI is not really a newcomer to Florida since the company set up an administrative office there some time ago. Now, the team made up of Mark Diamond, Charles Edwards, Jack Keery, and Jessie
Cohen, will be taking over much of what was previously handled and managed in Hong Kong (where the company was incepted back in 2005.)
Shortly after the Florida decision, CFG spoke with SASI chief, Stan Wraight who has been in the cargo and consultancy business for roughly 50 years.


Stan Wraight is SASI founder and its mastermind – photo: private
Stan Wraight is SASI founder and its mastermind – photo: private

CFG: Stan, why did you choose Florida, not cargo hotspots such as Atlanta, New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, to best serve your company’s U.S. clients?
SW: We have long established clients in a lot of USA gateways now, and with people now working from home offices, we have found that this will be our future as most time spent
working never seems to be where we are located. As examples, Mark is in Boston, Charles in Raleigh North Carolina, Jack in Florida, and Jessie in Chicago. This way, we are covering the entire
States quite nicely.

CFG: When will FLA become operational?
SW: This happened on 01FEB21, already.

CFG: You state that the FLA team will concentrate on airports, providing expertise and support. What about airlines / handlers / GSAs?
SW: The entire team is focused on every part of aviation, especially supply chain related issues and training. Lately, we have seen a lot of demand for our facilities’ design
work in combination with digitization solutions like cargo community systems, as an example. The U.S. airports are extremely active at the moment in making facilities compliant with the new
demands required to serve high value verticals like e-commerce, for example. SASI has been deeply involved in e-retailing issues for almost a decade now, so our advice is sought after.

CFG: Any other place on this planet standing next on your expansion list?
SW: Europe for sure, 2021 is targeted for that.


Heiner Siegmund


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