time:matters launches domestic Sameday Air Network in the U.S.

Following the inception of time:matters America, Inc. on 09JUL20, the Speedy Gonzales of same-day delivery services has now widened its reach by establishing a nationwide air network
within the U.S., encompassing 89 stations, thus connecting all key economic centers across the States. “This is a major step in our strategy of global expansion and an attractive domestic
door-to-door transport offer for our local customers,” time:matters’ COO Lars Krosch emphasizes.

The sales and operational initiative, effective immediately (30JUL20) follows market surveys identifying a high demand for rapid same-day air services within the USA, states time:matters Head of
Communications, Katja Sonday. To ensure the fastest possible transport of time-critical goods – say from New York to Houston or Miami to Chicago – time:matters partners with three major U.S.
carriers: United, American, and Southwest.
A series of test runs have proven the reliability of the services, so the time:matters management team expects the product launch to take place without teething problems. In a statement, the
company stresses that through short handling and transit times of 45 minutes and upwards, “urgent goods shipments weighing up to 90 kilograms (200 lbs) reach their destination within a matter of
hours, and are therefore ready for pick-up or onward carriage shortly after arrival.”

No operational hiccups expected
Touching the service issue of the upcoming nationwide same day U.S. air network, Mr. Krosch says that time:matters only cooperates with hand-picked companies “whose reliability we were able to
get an impression of through monitoring or unannounced company visits, whereby we also took into account which experiences our airline partners had made with their contractors.”
To secure the ultra-rapid flow of goods, time:matters assures customers higher loading priority compared with conventional express air freight, including real-time tracking with proactive status
updates. Shipments can be booked online but also through traditional channels. For forwarders or shippers, including those in Latin America or the Caribbean, a team of multilingual experts is
available at time:matters’ U.S. Customer Service Center in Miami, “to provide advice, issue air waybills, and take care of invoicing. The team members monitor the shipments along the entire
transport chain thus offering customized services,” time:matters declares.

Lars Krosch is Chief Operating Officer at time:matters  -  photo: CFG/hs
Lars Krosch is Chief Operating Officer at time:matters – photo: CFG/hs

Broad range of potential clients
The provider of swift air transports has identified the automotive, high-tech, aviation and aerospace industries as main beneficiaries of the offering along with the medtech, life & health
and logistics sectors.
It is not surprising that price issues are not touched in the company’s release. All time:matters says, is that its services are an “affordable and reliable alternative” to personalized
transports by an On-Board Courier, which translates into a price level ranging somewhere in the middle between Express and OBC. 

“Integrators are partners, not competitors,” Larsch Krosch
At first glance, the venture does not appear to be without risk since the dominant U.S. integrators FedEx and UPS could feel challenged by newcomer time:matters in their traditional home market
and react with counter measures. A danger that Lars Krosch completely excludes. On the contrary, he says, referring to the European example where integrators are among the customers of his
company’s same day network. “Their business model is based on operational waves linking their core hubs, whereas in our case it is mostly about decentralized transport, excluding consolidations.
We can therefore expect to cooperate with package delivery companies in the USA as we do in Europe, because at the end of the day both sides benefit equally from the cooperation, not to mention
the customers.”
Further to this, the manager stresses that time:matters’ international network will be linked to the nationwide U.S. same day services at a later stage. He also indicated that Latin America is
another region time:matters has its eye on.

Heiner Siegmund


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