CargoClaims attends e-event BRU organized by ACMAB and BAFI

“To change or not to change to the e-AWB isn’t the question anymore, the question is: when”

During this e-event organized by ACMAB and BAFI which took place last Thursday at BRU airport, the BRU community was being questioned about the adoption of e-AWB. To increase this adoption the approach is to create more awareness, set common targets and most important provide more communication between stakeholders about what is possible concerning e-AWB and which parties are already involved in the process.

We as CargoClaims got the opportunity during the e-event to support the BRU community creating e-awareness by presenting our CargoClaims e-solution. A ‘next-step’ meeting for e-AWB will be arranged for the BRU community on short notice and later this year also an ‘into-depth’ session will be provided for CargoClaims.

Please contact us for more information about CargoClaims or a free 30 days trial.   Hope to see you at the next session!

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